CIMC Trailer

What happens when the world’s largest supplier of shipping containers decides to make trailers?

They quickly become the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-trailers.

Who are CIMC?

CIMC stands for China International Marine Containers. Starting life producing shipping containers, they now produce for the entire logistics chain from containers to trailers, air bridges to trucks. To put their size in perspective – over 50% of shipping containers in use in the world today have been produced by CIMC.

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Now available in New Zealand through Bridge Distributors Ltd.

Lets dispel the first myth about these trailers – while CIMC is a Chinese owned company, the trailers use all the best componentry from Europe. Ask your New Zealand supplier if they can match this claim!

They save you money because they are big – they buy in bulk, they operate production line manufacturing, and most importantly, a consistent process gives a consistent quality product.

What does this mean for you?

You get a good quality trailer at a price that represents significant value

Watch what our Australian partner has to say about CIMC Trailers


And talking of Australia – CIMC has been in Australia since 2007 and sold over 3,000 trailers over that time.  Quickly dispelling the myth about Chinese build quality, many of the trailers sold have been used on road trains in the outback of Australia.

And more importantly – the customer that bought the first CIMC trailer sold in Australia is still a customer today, and now buys exclusively CIMC Trailers. Find out why by reading the attached article




View a walk around of the 40ft skele trailer from CIMC Australia

View a walk around of the CIMC drop deck curtainsider from CIMC Australia

Flat decks

A full range of tankers

Semi, B Train and HPMV Trailers

Moving floor trailers to remove the need for tipping

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CIMC offers a large range of Skeletal Tag Trailer models and sizes to choose from. The base model starts with designs for carrying 1 x 40′ container, through to Tag Trailers designed for Two (2) way, Three (3) way or Four (4) container operations. Depending on design chosen, units come fitted with either tri-axle or tandem air bag suspension. The addition of Side loader pads can be arranged for most models.

A large range of options to enhance the appearance and/or weight of each unit is offered by CIMC and can include the addition of aluminum or chrome wheels, tool boxes and water tanks; We can also add work platforms between the twistlocks with safety rails for hand unloading of containers. If you have a special requirement, please feel free to discuss it with our sales representatives and we’ll find a solution that suits your needs.


Trailer Specifications

  • Available in Tri-axle configuration unless otherwise specified;
  • Side intrusion safety cables;
  • K-Hitch/Watson & Chalin air suspension;
  • Fuwa 285 PCD grease filled ten stud axles;
  • 10 stud steel wheels
  • Hankook 11R 22.5 Tyres
  • Single tyre carrier
  • Steel toolbox
  • Plastic guards with mud flaps front and rear
  • LED lighting
  • JOST King Pins
  • JOST A400 landing Legs
  • JOST Fixed turntables
  • Removable deck covers for access to suspension


Retractable TAG Skeletal Trailer

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One of the newest models to the CIMC range of Skeletal Trailers is our Retractable Tag design. This unit has been engineered to operate in three loaded configurations so as to maintain legal axle weights. Our retractable design will carry 1 x 20′ “heavy” container or 2 x 20′ containers or 1 x 40′ container.

Units come with all the usual CIMC standard specifications and are fitted with 6mm wiring loams, Multi volt LED lights, reversing beepers and rear combos so you can be sure your trailer matches your prime mover now and in the future.

In regards to safety features, all retractable units are fitted with a brake interlock system ensuring that the brakes will not release unless the locking pins are engaged after sliding the trailer into position. Further, visual identification of locking mechanism can also be confirmed with the use of automated safety flags.


Trailer Specifications

  • Available in Tri-axle configuration unless otherwise specified;
  • Side intrusion safety cables;
  • K-Hitch/Watson & Chalin air suspension;
  • Fuwa 285 PCD grease filled ten stud axles;
  • 10 stud steel wheels;
  • Hankook 11R 22.5 Tyres;
  • Single tyre carrier;
  • Steel toolbox;
  • Plastic guards with mud flaps front and rear;
  • LED lighting;
  • JOST King Pins;
  • JOST A400 landing Legs;
  • JOST Fixed turntables;
  • Removable deck covers for access to suspension;



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